My 1st Clay Creation


Ini nih..

finally, I tried working with clay!

These was my 1st clay creation. Lil bit disappointed with my supplier, from whom I bought the supplies to make this clay creation. She offered me to buy a book from her, but when I received it, it wasn’t “real” book but a printed version of e-book. Piracy! Lil bit upset but it was okay, I will not talk about that anymore.

So, I can not learn the basic steps from that book. The book I believe for advance clay artisan!

Oh my!!

Okay, I started to learn by my self!

And I quite satisfied with the result 😀


And want to try more 😀


2 thoughts on “My 1st Clay Creation

  1. Mawar kecilna bagussss tp mawar besarnya terlalu rapet atau nempel antar kelopaknya jd malah kurang berbentuk gt.. Tapiii… Who am I to say that lol.. Eh itu serius jual print-an ebook? Ohmaygoood.. Mental bajakannya org indonesia yah >.< parah!!!

    1. Iya, Rin.. itu karena mencetnya terlalu semangat pas bikin kelopaknya, jadinya terlalu tipis trus jadi letoy nempel kemana-mana.. Iya, aku kecewa sama bukunya.. kukira beliau itu nawarin buku karangan beliau yang isinya tentang step by step pembuatan clay.. ternyata bukunya malah prin2an ebook 🙂

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