Rough Project: part 2

Yippie! Finally I’m done with it 🙂 And fully satisfied.

Yesterday I got feedback from a friend, Leah Curtis from Fusion and Muse Group. She said:

“I think it’s lovely. The red wire really pops. Maybe the druzy looks small compared to all the wirework. That could be what you were feeling was ‘missing’?”

Yea, I think she may right, and I decide to replace the rough druzy I used before with a green druzy. It’s a spontaneous pick, I look for the most suitable size of stone. Gladly, it’s perfectly matched! And voila! This is it, at the end, my HABANG brooch. HABANG means RED.

I send the picture back to Leah, and this is what she says more:

“Beautiful. I like that A LOT more. The stone stands out, but still matches the wire. And I love the added drop at the bottom. The extra wirework fills it in nicely, too. Great job!”

My other friend, Carrie, also says:

I agree with everything Leah said, especially about the stone. The green druzy POPS, the other one looked shy because it blended in with your wire.

And Dianne from Wire Wrap Jewelry Artists, says:

I think you were right to follow your instincts. The green definitely gives it more of a focal point. On it’s own the contrast of the red/pink and the green would have been a bit garish, but the added copper? embellishment helps to soften the effect, makes it look more complete.

That’s what I called FEEDBACK.

Saya nggak pernah kepikiran siapa yang memberi feedback, seberapa level kemampuan dia, dan motivasi apa dibalik feedback yang dia berikan. Sejauh ini, saya senang memperoleh feedback yang membangun. Walaupun terkadang feedback tidak selalu seperti yang kita harapkan. Namanya juga masukan, bisa jadi berseberangan dengan pemikiran kita sendiri. But afterall, I appreciate them all.

Sudah nggak jamannya orang dewasa keluar sifat defensif kalau memperoleh masukan dari orang lain, ya nggak? itu menurut saya sih.

Saya senang berteman dengan mereka. Santai. Tidak ada upaya kompor-komporan. Sharing bertujuan untuk saling membangun, bukan sebagai ajang pamer, bukan untuk ajang memperoleh pujian 🙂

Ini bros jadi saya, pada akhirnya batal memakai rough druzy 🙂

Saya menambahkan woven wire dari tembaga, dan pendant kecil di bagian bawah bros. I like it ❤

Today I feel very happy!

Tuhan paling mengetahui apa niat di balik setiap perbuatan manusia, bukan? Alhamdulillah, saya mendapatkan banyak pencerahan, bertemu kawan-kawan baru yang membangun, dan hati yang lebih terbuka menerima hal-hal baru 🙂

Semua kejadian tidak menyenangkan terhapus lah sudah. Tuhan Maha Baik 🙂


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