Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti or energy, which are the forms that are shown to portray woman power. Maa Kali is the most terrifying of all goddesses to be found in the Hindu religion. The word Kali comes from the Sanskrit word “Kaal”. This word means time. This is quite representative as it shows the world and the people who worship her that nothing escapes from time.

Goddess Kali is also figurative of the goddess of death. But, in reality, Kali brings about the death of the human ego. In the scripture’s Goddess Kali is shown to have killed evil spirits. Maa Kali is never shown as having killed anyone else.

Kali has never been linked with Yama, who is the Hindu God of Death. Therefore, although Maa Kali looks violent and angry she is nowhere connected with death.Kali maa is considered to be another form of a mother. Maa Kali is one of the few Goddesses in the Hindu religion who have never married and have renounced all the worldly and marital pleasures.

When you think of the similarity between Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva both of them are shown living in cremation grounds. The Hindu devotees go to the cremation grounds to be able to contemplate and meditate with the main objective of getting over their ego.

The cremation grounds tell the devotees that the body is temporary. Kali and Shiva live in the cremation grounds because they have no affection to the human body that they are born in. When one has no connection to the body then one does not have any ego too.

Kali and Shiva state that the devotee can release himself if he let’s go of the false impression of the ego. The body finally disappears after death leaving behind the soul. This is. What is showcased by Maa Kali in the cremation grounds?

Maa Kali is considered to be the kindest and sympathetic toward all the forms of goddesses.Maa Kali is the one who is able to get salvation or liberation for her children. Kali is considered to be in the same position as Shiva as both of them are the destroyers. They bring to destruction all forms of evil, phony and unreal.

They say that the moment self-image looks at Maa Kali it trembles with great fear when it comes face to face with her. The way people look and worship kali maa depends on the form of their sense of self. If they are egoistical and attached to the worldly pleasures then they will be frightened of Kali mata. However, if the person is spiritual then the ego will not affect them. Thereby, they will not be afraid of Maa Kali. Therefore, the disciples of Maa kali will get to see her two versions. One in which she is shown as a violent goddess and the other one in which she is kind with a lot of love and sweetness overflowing of her every pore.

The image that is always shown of Goddess Kali has four arms and hands that show her overpowering strength. In the other two hands, she has a sword and a fresh severed head. This shows the great battle in which she defeated the fierce demon.

The other two hands of Mata Kali are used to bless her true devotees. This means that those who worship her truly will be saved as she will guide them on this earth and there after too. On mata Kali, you will find a garland that has many skulls and a skirt made of cut off arms. This is because the self-image comes out of recognition with the body.

This shows that the physical body is false and spirit is the only truth that we must associate ourselves with. Kali the goddess is shown black or sometimes dark blue in complexion. This represents the womb from where all of creation is born and into which all the creation will ultimately go back to.

That is why the concepts of color be it light or dark, or good or bad do not apply to Kali mata as she is untouched and is the most powerful energy.

Source: http://religion-faith.com/hindu-and-hinduism/hindu-gods-goddesses/goddess-kali-maa.html


I create this brooch to represent Maa Kali in a form of unique handcrafted jewelry 🙂

I used combination of blue druzy stone, freshwater pearls, crystals, and tin copper wire.


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