Breakfast? Try this to brighten up your days

This wire brooch is my 3rd trial using rose gold wire 🙂 Pretty, isn’t? Makes me satisfied 🙂 Seriously, I want to upgrade my skill in creating jeweleries with this wire…

Practice truly makes everything get better and better…and don’t forget, a complex process of imagination. I shall say it as imagery activity… think that you can do better next time, when you are not practicing in real life, keep practicing in your brain. That’s how imagery works. So, when you face the reality, it’ll bite no more. You can handle it…

That’s the secret why I can do beading project without joining any course or learning from special tutor. I use my sight sense, which is contributing 75% in my imagery learning process, and my curiosity in observing others artwork.

Plagiarism? NO! Of course not!

I’m observing their artwork (a.k.a the result) and not stop wandering how they did it, where they started working on that project, how they ended it, how they chose the materials, and so on.

I’m learning the pattern, also.

Different people show different taste in working on their project.

Different taste will bring different character.


And, in my opinion, people who can’t show their character are just follower 🙂

Not a trend setter.


Gold, Yellow, brown… perfect combination, I think. I used 1mm, 0.8mm and 0.3mm rose gold wire. I called it Cornflakes for its yellow dominant color, reminds me to corn chips. Please don’t blame me for naming most of all my artwork with food, vegetables, or fruits name…dame it’s so true, for me those artwork are so tempting and look delicious… LOL.

Material: synthetic pearls (bare and also doted one), round-shaped shell beads, diamond-cut shell beads, fresh water pearls, crystals.

Size: 8cmx6cm

Available for you in price IDR 90.000

😀 😀 😀

What do you think, guys?

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